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We understand that we have competitors who will charge you less than we will -- we have no competitors who will do your cabinet work better than we will. It is not unusual for builders who have bought from our competitors to come to us for their next job or ask us to save their current project. They say, “We saved money with those other guys, but in the long run, the headaches were not worth the savings.”

The fact is that there are problems on every cabinet installation. The difference in A&H Sales is that we try to solve those problems at the beginning of the job (when the fixes are mostly on paper) instead of after the installation (when the fixes cost time and money).

We start with products that are the best value on the market. You can pay more but you can’t get better value. Having established this delicate balance between quality and price, we have proceeded to build our success on service.

Our biggest difference and greatest advantage over our competitors is our people. They are experienced, they are well paid, and they stay with us year after year. They do the homework up front to make sure before the fact that there won't be any problems. We ask the right questions initially instead of later. We look for what's not going to work.

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