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Traditionally, people in our business bid jobs only by the architect’s plans they are given by the developer. Many of our competitors look at the blueprint, count the number of cabinets, multiply by the price per cabinet, and call it a bid. Easy, simple and a good way to create big problems later on.

Our process is to draw plans for each kitchen before we bid it. We lay out every kitchen and send a copy of the drawings along with our quote. That gives our customer the opportunity to avoid expensive problems before the fact.

Some projects will require 25 or 30 different kitchen and bathroom designs. We lay out every one of them and do drawings of them as we generate the bid. It may take us one or three weeks to develop the bid but, when it's done, we know it's right and we know it will work. We believe in doing the job right the first time.

As a result, the builders we work with benefit from our experience each time we prepare a quote. Based on our years of experience with cabinets and cabinet installation, we can save our customers a lot of problems and money by providing bids that are realistic. Our customers are confident that the job will be done right and know that we stand proudly behind our work.

Another factor for our success is that we won’t place the order with our suppliers until a unit has been framed and the plumbing and electrical are in. Only then, do we send one of our experts in to measure each unit so that, by the time the sheetrock is in, the right cabinets are there and ready for correct installation.

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